Which VCs are co-investing with corporate venture capital firms?

By Mikey Tom & Amanda Widjaja
October 30, 2015

Although startups and their large corporate counterparts are often seen as two opposing teams playing against each other, there are times when they can work together to achieve mutual goals. This is exemplified when a large company acquires a startup, providing it access to all of the corporation’s resources and in return getting new talent and technology to strengthen its team and product offering.

Another partnership between these two businesses arises when a corporation’s venture arm invests in a startup. Clearly, such a relationship can be extremely beneficial to an early-stage company, but it can be difficult to achieve for founders that don’t have connections to the corporate investors they are aiming to work with. One option in this case is for the founder to identify the institutional VCs that have a relationship with the corporate VC firm(s) they are targeting. By understanding these relationships, entrepreneurs can increase their chances of securing partnerships with the right corporate VC investors.

Below, we’ve selected some of the most active corporate VCs within the IT space and mapped their relationships with institutional venture investors. Check out the visualization to see which relationships are flourishing. You can hover over each bubble to see the exact number of co-investments between any two of the firms.

(Note: Viewing on desktop is recommended for optimal quality)


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