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Fintech Report

2021 Annual

Fintech Report

March 24, 2022

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VCs pump cash into fintech startups at record pace

The fintech industry continued its unrelenting pace of growth in 2021, raising $121.6 billion, which represents a 153% year-over-year increase in terms of global VC deal value. 

On the exit front, fintech companies generated nearly $332 billion, driven primarily by public listings of companies including Coinbase, Nubank, Robinhood, Wise and Affirm.
Our 2021 Annual Fintech Report digs into major trends that shaped the industry globally, comprehensively assessing emerging opportunities across market segments such as alternative lending, consumer finance, capital markets and digital assets.

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Table of contents
Vertical overview 3
2021 timeline 5
Fintech VC ecosystem market map 6
VC activity 8
Segment overview 10
Alternative lending 11
Capital markets 19
Consumer finance 27
Digital assets 36
Financial services IT 44
Payments 52
Regtech 61
Wealthtech 69
Appendix 77