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Retail Healthtech Report

2021 Annual

Retail Healthtech Report

March 8, 2022

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Telehealth and digital therapeutics push retail healthtech deals to record highs

Retail healthtech startups strive to improve personal health and wellness at a lower cost and higher quality than traditional alternatives. The burgeoning vertical relies largely on digital technologies that enable convenient at-home or mobile use, the ability to integrate with other services, and large-scale data collection to help drive personalized offerings. 

In 2021, global retail healthtech companies raised $18.3 billion across 537 venture capital deals, representing a 106% year-over-year deal value increase.

Our 2021 Annual Retail Healthtech Report deep dives into the industry's investment activity and trends, comprehensively assessing emerging opportunities and industry drivers across market segments such as clinical care, biometric wearables, dietary supplements and personalized medicines.

This report was reuploaded on March 24, 2022, to reflect an update to the charts on page 54.

Table of Contents
Vertical overview 3
Q4 2021 timeline 4
Retail healthtech VC ecosystem market map 5
VC activity 6
Segment overview 8
Clinical care 9
Mobile & digital health 20
Biometric wearables & devices 29
Dietary supplements 37
Personalized medicine & testing 45
Appendix 51