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PitchBook Analyst Note: Plumbing AI Data Pipelines

Q2 2022

PitchBook Analyst Note: Plumbing AI Data Pipelines

April 12, 2022

Startup data architectures growing rapidly to fuel AI

Nonrelational databases can support a wide variety of data types and formats as they integrate unstructured data without the connecting schema found in relational databases.

VC-backed companies in the space are likely to benefit from the proliferation and scale of machine learning data streams and may become larger than legacy businesses such as Oracle and IBM in the long run.

Our latest analyst note on the emerging space explores how streaming data analytics for AI will cause nonrelational databases and data lakes to overtake relational databases in market share. The report also includes a market map, as well as a closer look at VC-backed market participants in nonrelational databases including Confluent, Databricks and Pandio.

Table of Contents
Key takeaways 1
Overview 2
Stream analytics opportunity 2
Key company highlights 5
Confluent 5
Databricks 6
Pandio 7