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Global Real Assets Report

Q3 2021

Global Real Assets Report

November 22, 2021

Global Real Assets Report
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This may be a turning point for real assets

The outlook for real assets is more bullish than it has been in years.

However, time will tell whether GPs and LPs will be attracted into strategies that have underperformed for years. Our Q3 2021 Global Real Assets Report takes a deep dive into fundraising activity, commodity performance, global transportation trends and more.

Key takeaways
  • Infrastructure managers have continued to attract capital by delivering reliable fund returns in the region of 10%.
  • The passage of a $1 trillion infrastructure package in the US may create some public-private partnership opportunities for private capital, while government transportation and renewable energy projects in Europe and Australia continue to facilitate significant private investment.
  • Fundraising in oil & gas has been lackluster in 2021, continuing a steady decline that began in the mid-2010s. It remains to be seen whether elevated prices will lure capital back into the strategy despite ESG pressures.

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