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What you can research

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3,111,449 private companies
58,560 public companies
  • Publicly traded companies
  • Debt-financed companies
  • Non-backed private companies
  • Pre-IPO companies
  • Private equity-backed companies
  • Profitable companies
  • Startups and stealth startups
  • Venture capital-backed companies

Details you can discover

Get key information

Track a company’s growth with an interactive timeline. Learn what a business does, as well as its employee count, office locations, contact information and more. For public companies, get intraday market data and interactive stock charts.

Explore financing history

See a company’s financing history, as well as deal multiples, valuations and series terms. Gain insight into a company’s capital structure with its round-by-round cap table.

PitchBook company profile showing Airbnb's cap table and financing history.

Evaluate financials and filings

Get an in-depth look at company financials—including revenue, EBITDA, balance sheets, cash flow and estimates. Plus, access any filings a company has submitted. For public companies, get financials and estimate summaries, analyze calculations and view all source documents with interactive charts and calculation drill downs.

View executives and board members

Better understand who is leading a company and sitting on its board with details on their experience and education. Plus, get up-to-date contact information.

PitchBook company profile showing Facebook's executives and board members.
Miroslav Boublik, Home Credit Venture Capital

“Using the PitchBook Platform, we know we can always find the most accurate public and private market data from across the globe to help us make the right business decisions.”

—Miroslav Boublik, Home Credit Venture Capital

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Gain insight into investors

See a company’s active and former investors, their associated deals and how much equity they have. Click on an investor to get even more information.

See similar companies and competitors

Find out which public and private companies are similar, so you can better understand the competitive landscape. Check the similarity scores and comp metrics of competing companies, too.

PitchBook company profile showing comparisons between Deliveroo and similar companies.

Follow non-financial metrics

Gauge how much traction a company is getting with non-financial signals like social media followers, web traffic, job openings and app reviews.

PitchBook company profile showing Slack's company signals, growth rate and size multiple.

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