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Find detailed data on deals across the public and private equity markets—including lead partners, multiples and valuations.

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What you can research

Counts are updated daily
1,553,134 deals

45+ deal types, including:

  • Angel investments and seed funding
  • Bankruptcies
  • IPOs, PIPEs and secondary offerings
  • M&A and control transactions
  • LBOs and other private equity investments
  • Secondary transactions
  • Share repurchases and recapitalizations
  • Venture capital investments

Details you can discover

Evaluate deal histories

Confirm a company’s past financing events with information, including deal type, transaction date, amount, status and the sum of capital raised to date. See whether funded startups are profitable and generating revenue after their most recent financing stage.

Get key information and deal multiples

Get important details about a deal, including size, type, date and more. Plus, see a snapshot of company financials at the time of a deal with income statements, balance sheets, deal multiples, cash flows and ratios. Evaluate companies using metrics like financing status and financing source, capital raised to date, percent acquired and employee count.

PitchBook company profile showing Allogene Therapeutics' 2018 IPO data,including price per share and post-valuation.

Access pre- and post-‍money valuations

PitchBook is the world’s largest source of private company valuations, including pre- and post-money valuations.

Explore series terms and stock information

Better understand how a deal was structured with insight into series terms, voting rights and liquidation preferences, as well as what percent of the company was acquired. Plus, evaluate stock information like share value, shares authorized and series.

PitchBook company profile showing Flexport's series terms and stock information.
Joshua Games, Skillcapital

“PitchBook gives us up-to-date insight on major deals, hot growth sectors, and key individuals in our target industries, helping us assist executives across Europe and North America navigate the world of private capital and realise their deal ambitions.”

—Joshua Games, Skillcapital

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Gain insight into investors and lead partners

Discover which investors participated in a deal, how much capital they invested and what type of investment they made. If investors are exiting, you can see that too. See who the lead partners were, their titles, firms, contact information and capital invested.

PitchBook company profile showing The RealReal's investors, service providers and lead partners.

See details on advisors

Find out which lenders, law firms, accounting firms, investment banks and other advisors helped make a deal happen and what services were provided. You can also see lender types, the debt types they provided and debt amount.

PitchBook company profile showing BMC Software's advisors and lenders.

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