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See the key financials of public and private companies, what metrics are driving return on equity, predictions about future performance and more.

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3,124,529 private companies
58,547 public companies
  • Calculation transparency
  • Balance sheets
  • Cash flow statements
  • Income statements
  • Consensus estimates
  • Deal multiples
  • Financial ratios
  • Fundamentals

Details you can discover

See financials and estimates summary

Quickly and easily see a financials overview on one screen.

PitchBook company profile showing Apple's financials, including income statements and balance sheets.

Analyze key metrics

Calculate key metrics in real-time, get access to their source documents and see an overview of all columns.

Explore balance sheets

Understand a company’s financial condition with financial health metrics like assets, liabilities, debt maturity and shareholder’s equity.

PitchBook company profile showing DaVita's historical balance sheets.
PitchBook Excel Plugin

Our Excel Plugin allows customers to turn our robust data into powerful financial models.

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Access income statements

Get details on a company’s revenue and expenses to compare its performance quarter over quarter or year over year with profitability metrics.

PitchBook company profile showing Spotify's historical income statements.

Evaluate cash flows

See how much cash is flowing in and out of a company through financing, investing and operating activities to get a sense for its liquidity.

PitchBook company profile showing Porsche Automobil Holding's historical cash flow statements.

Analyze consensus estimates

Gauge a public company’s future performance using consensus estimates from more than 600 contributing analysts.

PitchBook company profile showing Facebook's future performance consensus estimates.

See ratios and multiples

Quickly start analysis with pre-calculated ratios and multiples—including return on equity, price to earnings and debt to equity.

PitchBook company profile showing the deal multiples, income statement and balance sheet from PetSmart's 2015 buyout.

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