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Better understand an investor’s experience and track record with insight into previous deals, fund performance and more.

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What you can research

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367,837 investors

25+ investor types, including:

  • Angel investors and angel groups
  • Corporate venture capital firms
  • Corporate development teams
  • Growth equity firms
  • Incubators and accelerators
  • Private equity firms
  • Business development companies and SBICs
  • Venture capital firms

Details you can discover

Get key information

Find out an investor’s AUM, available dry powder, office locations, investment preferences—including deal size, industry, vertical, geography—and more.

PitchBook investor profile showing Carlyle Group's firm information, including AUM, dry powder and investment preferences.

See investments, acquisitions and exits

Explore the companies a financial sponsor has invested in or bought out, the acquisitions a corporation has made, lead partners associated with each transaction and those buying and exiting. You can also see investment trends by industry and year.

PitchBook investor profile showing New Enterprise Associates' investments by industry and year.

Evaluate the team and lead partners

Better understand who is on the investment team with details on the deals they’ve led, funds they’ve run and board seats they’ve held. Plus, get up-to-date contact information.

PitchBook investor profile showing GV's current team and board members.
Gene Banman, DriveScale

“In the days before PitchBook, I gathered information from disparate places to amass and vet a list of potential investors. Now I have one spot where I can get the data I need to approach investors knowing their history, preferences, available funds, and how to best pitch DriveScale to them.”

—Gene Banman, DriveScale

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Access fund information and performance

See an investor’s open and closed funds, fund performance indicators like IRR and cash flow multiples, and characteristics like vintage year, type, size and dry powder. Click on individual fund profiles to get even more information about their returns data, limited partners, benchmarks and fund team.

View details on co-‍investors

Discover active co-investors, who they co-invest with most and what deals they’ve done together. See co-investments broken down by year, series and industry.

PitchBook investor profile showing Kleiner Perkins' co-investors.

Gain insight into limited partners

See which limited partners have committed to which funds, how often and how much. Dive into a fund’s profile to see returns data, allocation breakdowns across asset classes and mandates.

PitchBook investor profile showing Bain Capital's limited partner commitments and service providers.

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