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2,557,449 professionals
  • Board members and chairpersons
  • C-level executives
  • Corporate development professionals
  • Founders
  • Fund and portfolio managers
  • Investment and advisory professionals
  • Managing directors
  • Partners

Details you can discover

Evaluate experience and education

See a professional’s employment history, including current and past positions, who they’ve worked for and advised, board seats they’ve held and their educational background. Find out which industries they have experience with, as well as their median deal amounts and valuations.

PitchBook person profile showing David McClure's employment history, education, industry experience and contact information.

See affiliated deals and funds

See what deals a professional has worked on by type, size, industry or location. Better identify leaders of successful companies by uncovering what funds they’ve managed and those funds’ types, sizes, vintages or dry powder.

Access contact information

Reach out to a professional with access to their email address, phone number, vCard and other contact information.

PitchBook person profile showing John Gabbert's employment history, education, industry experience and contact information.

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