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Traditional private market benchmarks aren’t transparent—they fail to identify the underlying funds used, the investments those funds have made and even how those individual funds have performed. At the end of the day, this means important details that should be leveraged to evaluate performance are lost.

Miscalculating the performance of private market funds can have disastrous consequences. Inaccurate fund benchmarks can mean limited partners miss investment opportunities or make ill-fated allocation decisions. Importantly, it can also make fundraising significantly more difficult for general partners.

To illustrate fund performance with a higher degree of accuracy, PitchBook provides access to comprehensive, unrivaled fund data. With PitchBook, it’s easier than ever to see what’s really driving returns and customize peer groups to build precise benchmarks.

Explore recent fund performance data with the PitchBook Benchmarks report

Leveraging a differentiated data collection process, the quarterly PitchBook Benchmarks report provides a snapshot of the most recent data available on how funds are performing across geographies and strategies.

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Gain access to the largest universe of funds and investments

  • Discover unrivaled detail on 60,000+ funds
  • Unlock insights on millions of VC and PE investments
  • Make decisions with confidence
  • Discover unrivaled detail on 60,000+ funds

    PitchBook Benchmarks are derived from the largest universe of private market data, including information on portfolio construction, industry focus, size, type, vintage year, LPs and more across tens of thousands of individual funds.

    PitchBook fund profile showing Carlyle Partners IV’s fundraising history and performance overview.
  • Unlock insights on millions of VC and PE investments

    Determine which deals are driving fund performance with comprehensive information of millions VC and PE deals, including their type, amount, status, deal multiples, pre- and post-money valuations, series terms and more.

    PitchBook company profile showing information about Plenty’s January 2021 Series C deal.
  • Make decisions with confidence

    PitchBook’s research and quality assurance teams have spent nearly 3 million hours researching, validating and solving discrepancies within our private market datasets.

    PitchBook’s unmatched level of data accuracy and attention means you can make key decisions daily with confidence.

Get the data you need in the format that works best for you

  • Create personalized reports
  • Utilize custom analytics tools
  • Create personalized reports

    PitchBook’s benchmarks are delivered in PDF and Excel formats so that it’s convenient to reconstruct or create personalized reports that better suit your needs.

    Our clients can also automatically pull and refresh the information they want directly from the PitchBook Platform—so it’s easy to keep benchmarks up to date.

  • Utilize custom analytics tools

    Effortlessly see how either your fund or a target fund stacks up against those in any custom peer group by using PitchBook’s pivot table feature to zero in on hurdle rates for top performing quartiles.

    Pivot table showing fund returns data for a group of 23 buyout funds.

Construct custom benchmarks to make more informed decisions

  • Easily create your own custom, market-specific fund benchmarks
  • Visualize the data to understand differences and trends in fund performance
  • See the underlying fund data for each benchmark
  • Easily create your own custom, market-specific fund benchmarks

    PitchBook gives you the ability to create your own benchmarks with custom peer groups based on the criteria that are most important to you—including similar funds’ portfolio construction, industry focus, IRR and quarterly cash flow multiples.

    Plus, add or remove individual funds from your benchmark to further customize it.

    PitchBook Custom Benchmarks feature showing IRR by vintage year for private equity funds.
  • Visualize the data to understand differences and trends in fund performance

    Create detailed charts, graphs and pivot tables with just a few clicks to easily compare metrics like IRR, TVPI, DPI and RVPI.

    Then download your data visualizations as a PNG file, export your datasets to Excel or share your custom benchmarks with your team using PitchBook’s Collaborative Lists feature.

    Chart showing fund count by quartile IRR for US buyout funds with a size between 250 and 500 million.
  • See the underlying fund data for each benchmark

    Once you’ve created your own custom benchmark, you can assess the returns data for individual funds included within it.

    Dive deeper into the data to pinpoint how a fund manager is generating returns with insight on funds’ individual investments and associated liquidity events.

    PitchBook fund profile showing Oak Investment Partners XII’s fund returns history.

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Anthony Marraccino

”To fully understand a fund’s landscape, we need to get granular—drilling into its underlying investments and finding which service providers and general partners are connected. With PitchBook, we get that 360-degree view.”

—Anthony Marraccino, Compass Partners International

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